Area Ranch Locator

We created this map to give you a idea of where many of our local Ranches are located.

Las Animas County Area Ranch Locator

This will help you with the approximate locations of many of our local Ranches. This is not a complete listing of all area ranches but the main ranches that we market properties in. Some links are active below so that you can click on them for more information and maps.

Ranches in Alphabetical Order

ApishapaRiver Ranch # 14
Apishapa River Valley Estates # 8
Aspen Rose Ranch # 34
Big Pine Ranch # 24
Blackhawk Ranch # 29
Cielo Grande Ranch #20
Cimarron Ranch # 15
Cougar Ridge Ranch # 22
Cuchara Pass Ranch # 33
Delagua Canyon Ranch # 7
Eagle’s Landing # 17
Fisher’s Peak Ranch # 3
Hidden Canyon Ranch # 10
La Mariposa Ranch # 12
Long’s Canyon Ranch # 28
Madrid Canyon Ranch # 27
North Fork Ranch # 18
Picketwire Ranch # 6
Pine Ridge Hideaway # 25
Plaza de la Vista Ranch # 26
Ponderosa Hills # 5
Rancho Escondido # 19
River Pines Ranch # 9
San Pablo Canyon Ranch #23
Santa Fe Trail Ranch # 1
Silver Spurs Ranch # 30
Spanish Peaks Ranch Estates # 16
Spirit Mountain Ranch # 13
Timber Canyon Ranch # 4
Timber Ridge at Big Pine Ranch #
Timber Ridge at Big Pine Ranch # 21
Trinidad Lake Ranches # 2
Trujillo Creek Ranch # 11
Whispering Pines Ranch # 35
Widow Woman CanyonRanch # 36

Ranches by Number

1. Santa Fe Trail Ranch
2. Trinidad Lake Ranches
3. Fisher’s Peak Ranch
4. Timber Canyon Ranch
5. Ponderosa Hills
6. Picketwire Ranch
7. Delagua Canyon Ranch
8. Apishapa River Valley Estates
9. River Pines Ranch
10. Hidden Canyon Ranch
11. Trujillo Creek Ranch
12. La Mariposa Ranch
13. Spirit Mountain Ranch
14. Apishapa River Ranch
15. New Cimarron Ranch
16. Spanish Peaks Ranch Estates
17. Eagles Landing
18. North Fork Ranch
19. Rancho Escondido
20. Cielo Grande Ranch
21. Timber Ridge at Big Pine Ranch
22. Cougar Ridge Ranch
23. San Pablo Canyon Ranch
24. Big Pine Ranch
25. Pine Ridge Hideaway
26. Plaza de la Vista
27. Madrid Canyon Ranch
28. Longs Canyon Ranch
29. Blackhawk Ranch
30. Silver Spurs Ranch
31. Vermillion Valley Ranch
32. Big Horn Sheep Ranch
33. Cuchara Pass Ranch
34. Aspen Rose Ranch
35. Whispering Pines Ranch
36. Widow Woman Canyon Ranch

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Side Note

This Area Ranch Locator is just to give you a general idea of where these ranches are located. Most all Ranches do not have County Roads or Public Road or Public Access and are posted to outside traffic. Although most ranches don’t have gates it is generally understood that you would be trespassing if your are not accompanied by a Real Estate Agent or unlesst you are a property owner. So please respect property rights as you are exploring this area on your own.

There is also usually a No Open Fire ban in effect also because of the recent drought so please don’t throw out your lit cigarette butts and be careful and respectful. Thanks for your understanding.