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The Spanish Peaks near Trinidad COAdobe Gold Properties, LLC specializes in Mountain Properties, acreage, land and homes for sale in Southern Colorado near Trinidad, Walsenburg, Aguilar, Weston, Segundo and Stonewall. This area is known for it’s great year round weather and beautiful and affordable mountain property in absolutely gorgeous settings. Trinidad is the largest of the local towns with a population of about 10,000. Las Animas County is like the 4th largest size wise in the entire US. Most of the people in Las Animas County live near Trinidad and west of Trinidad in the foothills and mountains while most of the County is east of Trinidad. Trinidad Colorado is a cute quaint little town that is like stepping back in time to another era. Aren’t you ready to get out of the fast lane and relax at a slower pace?

Why so many 35 Acre Parcels in Colorado?

In 1972 Colorado passed a law that required you to have a minimum of 35 acres in order to get a domestic water well permit. Thank goodness they did this as it has really given both the residents and wildlife plenty of space to live in harmony. Also because of the size of these parcels most land developers applied some sort of basic covenants to allow for yearly fees mostly road maintenance and common areas up keep. So the majority of these ranch developments have what we call Protective Covenants and not to be confused with restrictive covenants like you might get in a condo or home owners association. We do have more information here on our website about ranch covenants and we are happy to explain more about them, just ask.

Living in the Colorado Mountains is much different than living in the city and we can help you understand what to expect. We like to just tell it like it is so that you are fully prepared for your new adventure here. You are going to find lots of high quality digital photos of each of our listings that we took ourselves. We don’t just get out on the road and snap a photo…you have seen them…a photo of the road and a bush or tree.

Viewing Mountain Properties

We get to know our listings intimately mostly because we just love them and want to see what they have to offer but also because we want to be able to share them in detail with you. Listen hiking a 35 acre parcel in the mountains can be daunting if you aren’t used to it coming from the city.  We know…we have been there done that when we moved here. This is where our nearly 20 years of experience comes in. If we know of a “sweet spot” on a property we are going to want to show it to you and many of these you just can’t see from the road. But we don’t need to hike all properties and many times we can just drive by and you will immediately know if you like it or not.

Mountain properties ranging in size from 35 acres and larger is what we know and do best. And this is what we have been doing since 1995 in this beautiful area of Southern Colorado. We have worked with the original developers on many local ranches right from the beginning so we know these properties very well and know what they have to offer. Most of the time we feel more like a tour guide as we are sharing with you about the local area, the ranches and all it has to offer. So you are going to get an education when you spend a day or two with us. Listen speaking of that just so you know looking at mountain acreage is not like looking at homes. Many times we have to drive 45 minutes to get to a parcel and then it could take that long or more to explore it if you like it and then you drive to the next property.  So be sure to allow enough time, we can help you with that too.

Working With Us

We never rush you or pressure you into making a decision…we work by listening to your wants, needs and desires for Colorado property and then help educate you on what is available.  Our experience with mountain ranches in this area proves to be a tremendous benefit to help you find that perfect mountain property. By listening to what features and amenities that you are looking to find in a property and most of the time we can narrow down your search very quickly to just a few properties that will fit your needs. And that is very important because our goal is to use your time wisely.

Viewing Properties On Your Own

We also can work with those who really like to find the listings on their own. While we don’t recommend this if you have a smart phone we can really help you with a Google Earth file if you have a smart phone and the Google Earth app on it. We can explain more if you are so inclined, just let us know. Note there are some ranches that you will not be able to access with out assistance as they could be restricted or have gated access.

When it comes to finding that perfect parcel of land Charlie and Barbara are the agents to choose first to help and guide you in your search! We want to help you.

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