Santa Fe Trail Ranch Parcel B-34

Santa Fe Trail Ranch Parcel B-34

Listing Price: $120,000, Size: 35 Acres.

  • Big Views of Sangre de Cristo Mountains
  • City Supplied Water System
  • Phone and Power to Property
  • Well Maintained Roads
  • No Gas Well Drilling – Partial Mineral Rights
  • Tall Pines and Great Access
On Santa Fe Trail Ranch this is what you look for in a premium property….you want a 35 acre parcel that has those drop away western views of the Sangre de Cristos, good access and tall pines. This parcel is perfect for that mountain home you have been dreaming of or just a small cabin for a get away. You can escape the heat on what we think is one of the most popular ranches in the area. Santa Fe Trail Ranch has become one of the most community minded ranches in Las Animas County and rightfully so. It has attracted some property owners and residents that know a good value when they see it.
Take a look at the Topo/Plat of this property in the photos below and you will see that you have a long road frontage along the main road that gives you many places to build to take advantage of the huge views that you will get from this property. So you have many choices for a building site. In Las Animas County you can build two homes per 35 acre parcel and many people will build a small cabin or home and live in it while they are building their main home. Or you could build a mother-in-law apartment if you wanted, kinda of nice option if you choose or need to do this.
This property has a really nice game trail that runs a good distance just down off the road before the property drops off to the west. You can see some of the trail in the photos that I added. Listen this is untouched pristine old Colorado mountain property. It is on a ranch that has excellent amenities and you can even see the fire hydrant in one of the photos below on the corner of the property. That is pretty crazy here to see a fire hydrant in the mountains and it is certainly good for your home insurance coverage. These hydrants are not used to fight fires, they don’t have enough pressure but they can fill the trucks with them. These hydrants are part of the metro water district for the ranch that supplies the city water to all of the 445 or so 35 acre parcels on Santa Fe Trail Ranch.
And if you don’t know how special having city supplied water is for mountain properties in this area let me just say that this is huge not only in costs saved but also there is no risk of hitting a dry well or having unsuitable water. This is the only one of two or three “thirty-five acre” ranches in the area to have access to city water. You still will need a cistern for your water plus a pressure tank as this is not city water pressure but water supplied from the city. The ranch has a really nice setup for their water delivery system.
So if you are looking for an incredible big view property in a great location on this ranch then be sure to take a good look at parcel B-34. Give us a call or send us an email today!

Property Details

Status: For Sale
Property: Santa Fe Trail Ranch Parcel B-34
Price: $120,000
Size: 35 Acres
County: Las Animas
Zoning: Agricultural
Elevation: 7350-7550 ft
Taxes: 2012 Taxes $8.35
Power: Yes to Property Line
Phone: Yes to Property Line
Covenants: Yes, Basic Protective Covenants
Yearly POA Fees: $708.00
Mineral Rights: Partial Mineral Rights
Water Source: City Supplied Water
Financing Options: Bank or other Local Financing.

Ranch Covenants

Most ranches in this area have some minimal Restrictions or Covenants or what we call “Basic Protective Covenants”. These covenants work to protect your property values by restricting commercial businesses on the ranch and things like “no single wide trailers” or “junk cars”. Most don’t have restrictions/requirements on if or when you have to build or really restrictive type building covenants like a Condo association would have about roof colors etc. But you should be aware of what each ranch covenants are and we have most local ranch covenants available for you to view here Ranch Covenants in a pdf format.

Property Photos, Topos and Plats

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Note: All photos were taken from the property and are either of the property or views from the property, unless otherwise noted. We try to put up as many quality large format digital photos as we can to really give you a good feel for each property as we can but nothing replaces seeing the property in person. Hope you enjoy the photos and if you have any questions please let us know.

Google Map of Property

This map will help you get a better feel for the property. You can zoom out to get a better feel for where the property is located in the County.

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