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Adobe Gold Properties, LLC is located in Southern Colorado in Trinidad Colorado and Charlie Barks and Barbara Sandgren are the proud Owners and Agents. We both got started selling Mountain Properties with Land Properties, Inc in Trinidad Colorado in 1995 where we learned the ropes of marketing Mountain Properties in Southern Colorado.

This is how we get all the great photos of our Listings!

In 2001 we started our own business Adobe Gold Properties and we have been off and running strong ever since. We have helped many people find that perfect Colorado Mountain Property that they have looked for. We look forward to helping you also.

Why the Name Adobe Gold?

Many people ask us how we came up with the name Adobe Gold Properties so we wanted to share that story with you. In one way it was as simple as wanting a name that would get us up higher in alphabetical listings so that is why our business name starts with an “a”. Pretty straight forward right?

Then it gets a bit more connected to the local area. You see there is no gold in this area of Southern Colorado to speak of so people didn’t come here to mine gold. But they did come here to homestead for a better life and their gold was in the dirt that they tilled and made their homes on. And most of their original homes were made out of adobe bricks. When you think about it they really weren’t much different than us were they with the same wants, needs and desires for a better life. They moved their families to Colorado for a better way of life. So that dirt was their gold…their Adobe Gold.


Barbara with Map and Camera on Property

So that is how we named our business Adobe Gold Properties. We came here for the lifestyle trying to escape the rat race in the big city where it used to take me 45 minutes to go ten miles in heavy bumper to bumper traffic just to get to work. Well our lifestyle has been much different since moving to Colorado. I have to be very honest in that it took me two years to do what  I call decompress to the Colorado lifestyle. After so many years of the hustle and bustle of city living I finally got it that there was no rush to get anywhere because I was right where I wanted and needed to be. Hey I am just saying this because you might be in the same situation where you need a change in your lifestyle.

Colorado and the Southwest mountains are really special to us and it was us following our hearts looking for a better lifestyle that lead us both to this area where we met and fell in love. It’s wonderful how things work out when you allow your self to follow your heart! We love Colorado and our new lifestyle and our goal is to help you find your place here, that is what we love to do.

Charlie, Barb and Charlie’s son Chris

I went online with my first webpage in 1995 and by 1999 I was building my own websites so when we started Adobe Gold Properties in 2001 we didn’t skip a beat and hit the ground running. My knowledge of building websites and SEO has taken me to the expert level. But it has always been my goal to offer as much information along with high quality photos since the beginning and that has served us well. I remember when I first started dreaming of Colorado in the late 1980’s there was no internet to speak of. I used to open the map and just look at place names….you know what I mean cause you have done this too.

But the times are much different now and photos and video and information is much easier to get access to and find online. Thank Goodness it is! It’s good for you and it’s good for us.

Barb’s Alpacas

Let’s talk about lifestyle a bit and how our life has changed. We live on 35 acres west of Aguilar and the entire 35 acres is fenced for our horses. The little Apishapa River runs through the property and the closest house is about a half mile away.

In addition to our Real Estate business Barb raises and shows here Alpacas. Right now we only have two males and two females and both females are being bred to top quality males for babies in late 2011 and or early 2012.

At one time we had about 22 Paso Fino horses that we bred, raised and trained but right now we only have four. We joked for many years that if someone bought a property that it came with a horse at no extra charge….:)) But hey times are changing and so are we.

We both had Australian Shepherds when we got together but they have passed on now and we just have one little pistol of a Papillon puppy that thinks he is the boss of us. We call him “active and reactive” cause he is a live wire but oh so dang smart. He is a great traveler and loves to go out on property with us but we have to watch him cause he likes to chase rabbits and deer because he thinks he is a big dog. He keeps us entertained and on our toes but he is our little darling.

Bijou our little bossy Papillon

Let us Help You Find Your Dream Property in Colorado

The best way to get in touch with us is by email since we are in and out of the office quite a bit. If you call us and get a recording please leave a message and please send a backup email because many times its late or early before we get to reply and we don’t want to miss you. Call us today and let’s get started finding your Adobe Gold and “New” Colorado Lifestyle.

with respect,

Charlie Barks and Barbara Sandgren

Adobe Gold Properties, LLC
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