Santa Fe Trail Ranch Parcel D50

Santa Fe Trail Ranch Parcel D50


  • Big Views of Sangre de Cristo Mountains
  • Tall Pines and Douglas Fir
  • Meadows and Rock Outcroppings
  • City Supplied Water
  • Power and Phone at Property Line
This is one really nice 35 acre parcel on Santa Fe Trail Ranch. It has some really nice features in addition to the big western views such as a wide road frontage which ensures your building site privacy. We love it when a property has this much usable ground along the ranch road as it not only gives you access to numerous places of the property it also means that no one can build close to you.
If you look on the Google Map below you will see two adjoining properties with structures to the right or east side of Parcel D50 but both of these structures are barely visible from a number of building sites on D50. In fact their views are mostly of Fishers Peak and the Raton Mesa and they don’t have the big views of the Sangre de Cristos because of the way their land is situated.
Note: I only have a few photos of the mountain views because it was hazy when I went to take the photos but the few that I have should give you some idea of how awesome the views are. I will be taking more photos when I can get some really nice ones.
The owner if this property is only selling because they decided to buy an existing home on the ranch and just recently closed on that home. They were in the process of building and have had a couple of spots tested for a Septic and Basement so you will see a few holes that were dug with a backhoe. This will show you how easy it will be to build on this property. They love this ranch and just wanted to be enjoying it sooner than later so instead of waiting on the building to be constructed they choose to look for an existing home and found one.
But they spent a lot of time looking for the right building site and dreaming about where their house would go. You could choose to use the place that they picked or you could choose any of a number of other great locations. We do feel that they picked the best site for the big views of the snowcapped Sangre de Cristo mountains though. You can also see the Spanish Peaks and Fishers Peak with the Raton Mesa but the western views are much better. But the best thing is that you get to choose your favorite location, the one that speaks to you!
There has been a lot of forest mitigation recently done on this property where the underbrush was cleared near the ranch road to help with fire protection. And many of the lower limbs on the Ponderosa Pines were also trimmed to really open up the nice meadows. They didn’t clear any trees near the proposed building site so to really get the big views some trees will need to be cleared. Many of the trees in this area are young growth trees that need to be thinned anyway so don’t worry about taking out some trees here as it really benefits the forest to have less competition for the moisture. Be sure to read our article on “Becoming Firewise” to get a better understanding on why thinning out some of the trees is a really good idea.
Parcel D50 has this area next to the ranch road that is very gentle, hike able and usable yet the property slopes down to the west which is exactly what you need to get the best views…This property has some great features for not only enjoying the property but for a future cabin or home so be sure to take a really good look at this wonderful property on one of the premier ranches in Las Animas County. And you can hike down to the lower level of this property easily as it isn’t so steep that you can’t enjoy it. I really enjoy hiking on this property and love to explore the draw, tall oaks and rock outcroppings down into the property.
Plus Santa Fe Trail Ranch has a Metro Water District that was created by the ranch when the purchased water from the City of Trinidad so you have city supplied water to each and every property on the ranch. To purchase the water tap and have the meter installed runs about $6500-7000. Since this is not City water pressure you will have to install a water holding tank or cistern with a pump and pressure tank and there is also a monthly fee and water usage fee. To have a reliable source of water is invaluable and this is less than what it costs to drill a typical water well in the area.
Give us a call or send us an email and let’s schedule a time to go and explore this beautiful property. This ranch is a private ranch that has a lot of roads and you can easily get turned around if you aren’t familiar with the roads and the Ranch has requested that you be with an Agent when you view it so it’s best if you let us know so we can show it to you. Thanks for that. We look ¬†forward to seeing you soon!
Check out the photos and maps below and let us know if you have any questions.

Property Details

Status: Sold
Property: Santa Fe Trail Ranch Parcel D-50
Price: $118,750
Size: 35.03 Acres
County: Las Animas
Zoning: Agricultural
Taxes: 2012 Taxes $8.35
Power: Yes to Property Line
Phone: Yes to Property Line
Covenants: Yes, Basic Protective Covenants
Yearly POA Fees: $708.00
Mineral Rights: Partial Mineral Rights
Water Source: City Supplied Water - Metro Water District
Financing Options: Bank or other Local Financing.

Property Photos, Topos and Plats

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Note: All photos were taken from the property and are either of the property or views from the property, unless otherwise noted. We try to put up as many quality large format digital photos as we can to really give you a good feel for each property as we can but nothing replaces seeing the property in person. Hope you enjoy the photos and if you have any questions please let us know.

Google Map of Property

This map will help you get a better feel for the property. You can zoom out to get a better feel for where the property is located in the County. Click the link for directions and mileage to other locations. Also you can change between Satellite and Terrain Map view using the controls in the top right corner. Note: Click this link below to download the Google Earth KMZ file that you can use with your smart phone Google Earth app or software.

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