Apishapa River Ranch Tract 44



This Listing Sold and closed on July 09, 2010 for a final sales price of $114,000.

This is an awesome property! So take a good look at this one and give us a call to schedule a viewing.

This photo above shows how a really good representation of how the Spanish Peaks look from this property and there are a few building sites on the property where you could get this incredible view, you just will have to decide. And this property has some improvements on it like the RV Shelter, Water Cistern, Pressure Tank, Frost Free Hydrant, RV Septic, Driveway and Power Pole/Meter that will make it easy to start enjoying this property right away.

The property is 35 acres and the property itself has many great features too. The terrain is very gentle but yet it still has plenty of character with it’s small meadows, huge rock outcroppings and awesome views of the western mountains. All this in a park like setting of mostly Ponderosa Pines. There is very little underbrush too so hiking is an absolute joy on this property enjoying the pine needle carpeted natural paths.

In this local area you are bound to see numerous wildlife including elk, deer, bear, fox, lynx and bobcat and birdwatchers will certainly enjoy the wide variety including lots of hummingbirds too.

Hunting is permitted and the owner is an avid hunter, but just remember there are neighbors closeby. Out of about 75 properties total on this ranch there are only about a dozen homes today. This is one of our favorite ranches in the area and this is also one our favorite properties too.

There a really nice driveway already built into the property with roadbase and a thick layer of chipped asphalt on top of this. Just having this driveway already in will make it so much easier to access and you won’t have to worry about doing this yourself and this is a really well done driveway.

The RV shelter is approximately 14′ x 36′ and next to it is a Water Cistern with a pump and pressure tank plus it has an RV Septic and electrical outlets right there so all you have to do is hook up and enjoy. The pressure tank is installed in a really nice concrete tank complete with all the wiring and a ladder to access it and it is below ground so it won’t freeze. And the RV shelter will keep your RV cool and you will find that even on hot days you will get a cooler breeze under the shelter.

With this setup this is a perfect property for spring, summer or fall RV camping until you build your new home or mountain cabin if you decide too. But you don’t ever have to build if you don’t want to.

Imagine how beautiful it would be to be nestled in the tall pines with the smell of fresh pine filling the air as you are taking in the big views of the snowcapped Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Spanish Peaks. This property is pretty awesome!

Come and explore this property soon! We think you will really like it!

Property Photos, Topos and Plats

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Note: All photos were taken from the property and are either of the property or views from the property, unless otherwise noted. We try to put up as many quality large format digital photos as we can to really give you a good feel for each property as we can but nothing replaces seeing the property in person. Hope you enjoy the photos and if you have any questions please let us know.

Google Map of Property

This map will help you get a better feel for the property. You can zoom out to get a better feel for where the property is located in the County. And you can zoom in a bit more also. We also have a link for Google Earth above if you wish to use that with the Google Earth software.

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