Local State Parks

In Southern Colorado near Trinidad Colorado we have one of the most unspoiled untouched National Forest high country in this area that you will find anywhere in the West! No Doubt!

You can enjoy fishing Trinidad Lake, Lathrup Lake or many of the high mountain lakes. Or cross country skiing in the National Forest. Do a little research and you will find lots of places to go and play close by and enjoy some of the best that Southern Colorado has to offer.

Here are some helpful Websites:

Colorado State Parks

Trinidad Lake State Park

Lathrop State Park – Walsenburg

San Isabel National Forest

Colorado National Parks and Land Guide

Local Area Map

Area Map for Southern Colorado near Trinidad Colorado

Notes about this Area

What makes property in this area so much more affordable is that we have less “Public” land than areas like Durango and much of the Western Slope. In other words we have more “Private” land available and less National Forest and BLM lands.

But please don’t take that to mean that we don’t have plenty of places to enjoy here locally because we do. But we just don’t have many properties that border National Forest or BLM lands.