Trinidad Group Strives to Revive Trout Fishing on the Purgatorie River

Trout Fishing

A new Trout Unlimited Chapter has recently formed in Southern Colorado to enhance and promote fly fishing on the Purgatorie River in Las Animas County. In April 2010 they received a $5000 grant to get this project started. Here is a press release on this topic: Trout Unlimited Purgatoire River Anglers Chapter Receives $5,000 Grant to Restore … [Read more...]

What an Exciting Time!


We are excited about the future. Moving into our new office in downtown Trinidad is really pretty exciting. I have always said that "Activity creates Activity" and active we have been!  Ha. Moving into the new office is certainly something that will keep you active but that it not what I am talking about. Starting in 1995 I created my first … [Read more...]

Adobe Gold Properties moves into a New Office


Since 2001 when Adobe Gold Properties opened it's doors we have worked out of our Home/Office just west of Aguilar. In fact we purchased our new office building in about 2005 but chose to rent it out instead of moving into it. Anyone who has known us has heard us say that we didn't want to have to "get up and go to work" everyday because we were … [Read more...]

Cuchara Ski Resort is Making a Strong Come Back

Cuchara Ski Resort

One of our favorite places in this area to go visit and play is Cuchara. The Cuchara Ski Resort has, over the years, been in and out of business. It's a tough business I understand and in this area we struggle sometimes to keep enough snow to supply the ski resort with what they need. Not to mention that we are just not on the tourist map here. … [Read more...]

The Value in Southern Colorado Mountain Property

Photo taken from River Pines Parcel 9B

Between Barbara and myself here at Adobe Gold Properties we have over 30 years of combined experience selling and marketing mountain properties here in Southern Colorado near Trinidad, Aguilar and Walsenburg and there has been some common themes. A few years back this article was printed in the Wall Street Journal and much of what it shares is … [Read more...]