Check out the new photos for Delagua Canyon 53-54

We finally had a good photo day, even though it has just turned Spring time it is still hasn't greened up yet in Southern Colorado, and took some new photos for our Delagua Canyon Ranch parcels 53 & 54 listing. My old photos were just out of date...:(( and we just couldn't wait to get new photos. Hope to take some more later when things green … [Read more...]

A New Listing with Awesome Views and Great Access


Plaza de la Vista Tract 1 - 35 Acres - $85,900 Many of the original families that settled Southern Colorado came from the Spanish settlements south of Colorado in what we now call New Mexico. And a lot of them settled along the fertile area along Purgatorie River west of Trinidad. They mostly settled in family units that they called "plaza's" … [Read more...]