Info on Colorado Mineral Rights

Adobe Gold Properties is one of the few if not only real estate companies in Southern Colorado, and maybe Colorado, who has not only created a web page to discuss the subject of Mineral Rights but who also notes on all of their listing if the property has any Mineral Rights available with the purchase. And we have been doing this online since about … [Read more...]

There is a New Law Allowing Rainwater Collection in Colorado

As of July 01, 2009 a new law, Senate Bill 09-080, which was passed by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor during the 2009 legislative session, allows limited collection and use of precipitation for landowners, only if: 1. The property on which the collection takes place is residential property, and 2. The landowner uses a well, or is … [Read more...]

Living with Bears in the Colorado Mountains


People ask us all the time what kind of wildlife do we have in this area of Southern Colorado near Trinidad, Aguilar and Walsenburg and we share with them that you can expect to have Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Coyote, Elk and Deer plus any number of other mountain animals and critters. But by far the most feared encounters are with Black … [Read more...]

In Colorado you can not collect rain water…

Did you know that you are not allowed to collect your rain water in Colorado? It's true. During these times when water is so precious especially out west where it is so arid and typically we don't get that much rain fall you would think that an excellent way to supplement your water would be by collecting your rain water. But in Colorado if you … [Read more...]